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It is present in the secretions as two antibody molecules attached by a component called the j chain ("j" for "joining") (see chapter on normal immune system). generic Cenforce-D lowest price In order for these antibodies to be secreted, they must also be attached to another molecule called secretory component. The iga unit that offers protection for the mucosal surfaces is, therefore, actually composed of two iga molecules joined by the j chain and attached to the secretory piece. Certain individuals do not produce iga. They do, however, produce all the other antibody classes normally in addition, the function of their t-cells, phagocytic cells and complement system are all normal or near normal. Hence, the condition is known as selective iga deficiency. Cenforce-D no prescription usa The cause or causes of selective iga deficiency are unknown. Individuals with selective iga deficiency have b-lymphocytes which appear to be normal, but are unable to change into iga producing plasma cells. generic Cenforce-D online usa It is possible that there are a variety of causes for selective iga deficiency and that the cause may be different from patient to patient. Clinical features: selective iga deficiency is the most common of the immunodeficiency diseases. Some studies have indicated that as many as one in every five hundred people have selective iga deficiency. It is probable that many of these individuals have relatively mild clinical illnesses, are therefore not sick enough to be seen by a doctor, and would not normally be found to have iga deficiency. Thus, there are large numbers of individuals with selective iga deficiency who are relatively healthy and free of symptoms. In contrast, there are also a large number of individuals with selective iga deficiency who have significant illnesses.